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04 April 2010 @ 04:42 am
Full J2 Panel (LA CON) + Transcripts!  
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

Part 1:
Jared: Hi guys! I see a lot of people..
Jensen: This is a little more rock concert than we're used to. I can't even see the people in the back, I just love it!
Jared: What?! Can someone in the very back flash a light of some sort so we can see how far back they go?!
Jensen: Oh, there they are, okay!
Jared: Oh, hey.. HI!
*people cheer*
Jared: You're far but you're not forgotten.
Jensen: This is like a rock concert, y'know?
Jared: I just assume, I don't know..
*people cheer*
Jared: I LOVE YOU.. (*whispers to Jensen* "what's the name of this city?")..I LOVE YOU THIS CITY!
Welcome guys, welcome to the people who have already been here, welcome. And to the people who have not, welcome as well. Woo! Oh, are there people on the wall?! *points to the pictures appearing on the wall* Feels like, feels like a Supernatural set, it's like 'okay, where are we going now, where are we supposed to shoot?' Shadows.. shadows.. shad-ohs..
Jensen: We did an episode called shadows?
Jared: Yeah we did.. season one..

Part 2:
Fan: Actually what I'd like to ask is, what have each of you learned, from the other that has made you a better actor-
Jared: (whispering) Nothing..
Fan: And what have you learned from anyone else in the Supernatural production family, whether it's directors, guest actors, members of the crew, that you think you'll carry with you into the rest of your careers.
Jensen: Good, good question.
Jared: That's a good, multi-layered, hard question.. I'll let Jensen start this.
Jensen: Uhm, let's see, well, let's start with what I've learned from Jared. Uh, now, the obvious answer is absolutely nothing.
Jared: Take notes.
Jensen: I think the more appropriate answer is, uh, how crucial chemistry is for something to be successful. I think that speaks for, y'know obviously people know that the two lead actors, whether it's brothers, or a husband and wife, or what have you, if they don't have chemistry that's palpable to the audience to see, that's just not going to work. So, what we.. that was something that we were able to kind of hang on to and have that good friendship solidarity, it's been a crucial part of our success. Uhm, from other people, I could go down a longly list of other cast mates and crew members, off the top of my head, our director of photography, Serge, the guy who's basically responsible for the look of the show. He's a genius and he's probably the most under-appreciated person associated with Supernatural. But I'd say the stuff with, just watching that guy work, being a part of his set, that he lights, has been extremely, just, I've learned so much just watching him work just on a daily basis. Just, the way he lights things, to the way that he tells a story, through smoke, or lighting a certain little piece of wall in the back and I'm like 'what, you know, why?' And he's like, 'because it brings a certain amount of depth to the scene,' and it's just, I don't know, it's hard to explain, it's more of just, you have to be a sponge around him because he's got so much knowledge.
Jared: Yeah, I'll go with that too, I mean [inaudible words] I can't seem to get the, I can't, I'd be a terrible rockstar, I can't, I'm sort of a reeber (wtf is that word, LMAO?).
Jensen: Just go with like a british accent..
Jared: (in a british accent) So, uh.. (talking normal again) that was a terrible british accent! Uhm, I think, I think the main thing you're question is about, what have I learned from members of the cast, I'm sorry, the crew.. I'll start with that and get to Jensen..
*people start laughing*
Jared: That wasn't a bad thing!
Jensen: Save the best for last..
Jared: Yeah, yeah, good point, good point, so I'll start with Jensen well uh, no I'll start with the crew. I think what I learned the most from the crew, because each individual, uh, in my opinion, is enormously talented in what they do, and capable of something that I'm not. But, what you get a sense from, from everybody, is that it's a group effort. And it really is, it's never about, what this person did so well, or how this person saved everybody everybody is watching out for everybody. The electrics are watching out for the grips are watching out for the actors are watching out for.. and back. Everybody is scratching eachothers' backs. And everybody, it's really a group effort, we can't just, put it on one's shoulders, and go it alone. On that note, like he said Serge is unbelievably talented, such a hard worker. [inaudible words] And I think one thing I learned from Jensen is that I, uh, he has, I mean, you know we've all seen the show and he's incredibly talented and blah blah blah
*people laughing*
Jared: But he has, he also has a great sort of uh.. contagious love for the project and for the work. And when you're doing 16 hour days and you've done 8 months or nine months or whatever, you kind of get like ahhh, you kind of remember to be excited and passionate about it and that it's something that you love to do and I think he always has a good [something] about it. This is what he loves to do, this is what he's great at, and what he brings to the world, and what he can help to.. give to the world and this is the craft that he loves and it's contagious and it makes its way around set. It's like 'hey, this guy's having fun! so, why aren't we?'
Jensen: Thanks man. (to fan) Thank you.

Part 3:
Original question: A lot of people say that you should never work with animals or children, you've obviously worked with both, what was good and what was bad?
Jared: We'll talk about it in, in Vancouver, because it hasn't come out yet, and..
Jensen: You can talk about that, you can prep them.
Jared: Okay there's a scene where,
Jensen: It's a scene, in a field, with young Sam.
Jared: Yeah. There's a scene in a field with young Sam. Young Sam is uh, not 18 years old.
Jensen: Colin Ford.
*everyone claps*
Jensen: Colin is absolutely great, in fact talk about somebody who has excitement for what he does and passion for being on set and doing this. I mean, I was there, I'll give you [something] so you don't have to [something?]. It was.. *pointing to Jared* he wasn't there obviously because it was young Sam. But I was doing a scene with young Sam. And uh,
Jared: Yeaaahh?! *looks happy and excited and claps*
Jensen: And Colin had reached his cut-off, and he couldn't work anymore. And he was visibly upset. He wanted to continue to work, because they weren't done shooting with him. And so what happened was they has to bring in somebody who was of age, who was 18 years old. Well, that still looked like a young boy, and there's no guy that was 18 years old that they could get that looked like a young boy, so they got a young girl.
*everyone starts laughing/yelling*
Jared: To play young Sam.
Jensen: To play young Sam. They brought in an 18-year old girl to play a, what, 10 year old Sam?
Jared: To play like a 10 year old Sam, they had to go with a 18 year old girl.
Jensen: And, needless to say, she wasn't the most masculine person in the world.. and it, they had to reshoot that series of shots because it was so feminine.
Jared: Because, we obviously couldn't be on her face, but she wore Sam's clothes, young Sam's clothes,
Jensen: And it was on her back. (the camera)
Jared: Yeah, she looked like an 18 year old girl, which, she was. [more inaudible words]
Jensen: I just remember looking over at the crew, and I was just like, I can't WAIT, for Jared to see this.
Jared: I got to work next day, and they were like, 'what do you think about the young version of you?' And I was like 'Colin's great, Colin's been here for like years, awesome.' And they're like 'noooo..'
Jensen: 'It's not Colin..'
Jared: 'Colin got off early last night..' what?
Jensen: What?
Jared: What?
Jensen: So anyway, that kind of proves the difficulty of using different people.
Jared: And it seems like, things like, uh, if a child has 12 hours of work to shoot, but they can only shoot for 8 hours, then we have to shoot them out. There'll be like a scene, there will be, let's say, three two-page scenes. We'll do the first one, we'll do the second one, but we can't get our coverage of it until we shoot them out. So then we'll go back, and Jensen and I will be with pieces of tape, honestly, with pieces of tape or a tennis ball on a stand.
Jensen: So it's not the children themselves, it's the work laws..
Fan: How about the animals?
Jensen: Now animals, it can't be difficult to work with, because even though they're trained, and a lot of them are brilliantly trained, they could hit a mark better than most actors could. But sometimes, you know they get a sniff of something, or they don't want to do what the trainer's telling him to do, and it could be you know.. 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 takes later before we finally got the dog to put it's paw on, or whatever..
Jared: In the same episode actually, where we see young Sam, the kid actor, we also see a golden retriever, who was a brilliantly trained golden retriever. When the trainer would be like 'up, down, right, read the new york times' it would do it.
*the crowd laughs*
The thing is, you know, dogs respond to a trainer.. and you know, I love dogs and it was a good thing that I kind of love dogs and I think the dog understood that and I'm kind of used to trying to train. But it's tough, because they want to listen to their trainer, so like, instead of looking at me and whatever I say, they're kind of looking at their trainer going, 'well, what do you think?' and so on camera their face is obviously doing this number, when they need the dog looking straight at you.
Jensen: Yeah, a lot of times when you look at movies or television, any time there's like a dog, you can see them, maybe just looking over the actors shoulder, or just looking off camera, it's because they're looking at their trainer who's like, 'DON'T MOVE.'
Jensen: So, one movie that I was really impressed was the Will Smith version of 'I Am Legend' and the dog in that movie, I thought, I don't think I ever saw that dog looking off camera, it was always looking at Will Smith. Which I was like, he put in some hours with that dog! And I think he actually did, because I read an article and he was like, he was trying to do everything he could to keep that dog after the shoot. The dog made that trainer so much money, that he was like 'this is my cash cow, are you kidding me?' so there you go, I hope that helps. You're welcome.

Part 4:
Fan: What was the hardest to capture, for you, and what was the easiest, either persona actor or style that you had to capture?
Jared: The nutcracker genre wasn't fun for me. 'Are you sure this is going to work?! Are you sure, uh!?'
Jensen: 'It's gonna stop, right?! Like, right there it's gonna stop?! Not right.. THERE, RIGHT?!'
Jared: 'Will someone show me first.. wait, WHY NOT? No, I don't' mind, go ahead.'
Jensen: I was so happy during that scene because generally Dean gets the brunt of all the physical practical jokes. And it was nice to actually have.. and you did very well for your first time.
Jared: I think I saw somebody get hit in the crotch one time!
Jensen: I don't know, is there.. I'm trying to think of other genres we had difficulty portraying.
Fan: Well, lets see, Jared's been Meg, he's been Lucifer, he's been a kid, he's been..
Jared: You've been demon Dean and future Dean..
Fan: David Caruso..
Jensen: That was.. it's no secret that one of the hardest episodes I did was episode 4 of this season. Where I had to play a future me, but only 5 years. And oddly enough, that was the hardest one to do. Uh, because I couldn't be regular Dean, I had to be a Dean after 5 years of affective apocalypse, and war torment and this and that.. and I remember it was really..

Part 5:
Jared: Even Meg had a relationship with Dean, but Lucifer, never met Dean, didn't have any prior relationship with Dean. So I'm looking at Jensen, who I've known for years and years and years, and seen him countless hours of my life, and having to act like he was a new creature to me. So it was hard, because you kind of want to break into 'Oh, blah blah blah blah,' and we have Sam and Dean down, you know after 104 episodes, but you have to keep on going like, 'wait a second, I'm not talking to him like that, I'm not THIS.'
Jensen: 'I don't know this guy.'
Jared: Yeah, it's easier to bust, it's easier to be Sam in a different genre than it is to be a different person.
Fan: Thank you both very much.

Part 6:
Fan: What is your favorite classic rock song that has been played in Supernatural so far?
Jared: That has been played? I think Renegade.. [some inaudible conversation between J2]
Jensen: That was just such a great cue, it was perfectly placed for it's usage. That was at the end of Nightshifter, yeah.
Jared: Was that Nightshifter? Yeah, that was my favorite music cue.
Jensen: *thinking*
Fan: I liked Rooster in Alice in Chains, that one was good too.
Jensen: Yeah, that was yeah. *people scream out things* What? Seeger? When did we use Bob Seeger?
*someone yells out 'Swap Meat'*
Jensen: Swap Meat.. right (to Jared) which one was that?
Jared: I also liked the, uh, Queensryche in Folsom Prison Blues.
Fan: What about Asia?!
Jensen: ALL RIGHT!
Jared: Thank youu.
Jensen: Of course you can't ever forget.. back in black.
Jared: Back in what?
Jensen: What?.. Hi.
Fan: Hi. I know you guys play a lot of practical jokes on everyone on set and I want to know what's your favorite joke that you've ever done on someone else in Supernatural.
Jared: That was in?
Jensen: So, was in Supernatural?.. Jared?
Jared: I want to say letting the air to of Misha's tires was..
Jensen: Yeah, that's fresh too..
Jared: Yeah, it was fresh.
Jensen: I like that.
Jared: Plus it was kind of-
Jensen: Did you end up putting the melted chocolate underneath his fingernails?
Jared: No, we couldn't find any. We looked for vaseline.
Jensen: Vaseline, that's what they used.
Jared: And on the windshield wipers, but that's for later.. but by that time, if ya'll see Misha between now and Vancouver..
Jensen: Do not tell him.
Jared: Do not tell him.
Jensen: [Something] I'm not part of this at all!
Jared: Yeah, so Misha, it's basically more fun to do it to Misha than to do it to anybody. Jim's hard to break and Jensen knows where I live.
Both: Thank you.
Jensen: Hi.
Fan: Hey guys, I'm Christine.
Jensen: Hi, Christine-
Jared: I'm Jared.
Fan: Uh, my question for you guys is is if you were to have any two female actresses play you guys in the show, who would it be and why?
Jared: So we'd have two per piece, or we have to just weighing my options.. uh.. if I could have a female actress to play.. does she have to be an actress?
Fan: Anybody.
Jensen: I'm going to have to say Meryl Streep. Because she'd probably win an oscar for it.
Jared: I'm gonna..
Jensen: *points to Jared* Amy Smart. *they both laugh* She's an actress now..
Jared: And she sings and stuff, so..
Jensen: Multi-talented.
Jared: Multi-talented. I'm going with Miley... What?
Jensen: You know, I don't know.. I, that's, you know.. who's just an utter complete badass?
Jared: I need someone who's really short. I need a really short..
Fan: Demi Moore!
Jensen: Demi Moore?
Jared: Demi Moore, she's short-
Jensen: Yeah she's old..
Jared: Angelina Jolie for Jensen?! Jamie Foxx?
Jensen: Megan Fox..
Jared: Did.. did something happen last week that I didn't hear about? Helen Mirren?
Jensen: Yeah! Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep.
Jared: I might get the lead in Titanic.
Jensen: Even better, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon NEXT QUESTION PLEASE..
Fan: Hi guys, welcome.
Boys: Hi!
Fan: Uhm, my question is what do you guys think will have to happen before Sam and Dean can fix their relationship. What do you think has to happen for them to get back on the same page?
Jensen: Uhh, the end of the world. Which is..
Fan: That already happened!
Jensen: Which is happening.. uh, to kind of get back to the way they were in season one?
Fan: Yeah, because Kripke said they'd come together this season.
Jensen: Uh.. what would happen?
Jared: I think they'd have to totally go apart, I think they'd have to clash. They'd have to have a big clash and get it all out. [something].. we need to see them be apart.
*people scream*
Jared: Yeah?! I MEAN.. to.. work it out.. in the Impala..
Jensen: It's like drug addiction, you have to hit rock bottom before you can get back up.
Jared: I say rock bottom, yeah. And then we'll just wait, till September.. to see episode one and..
*people boo*
Jared: Four or five months..
Jensen: I don't think it's ever going to happen. *in a mocking tone* I don't think it will ever be like it was. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED.
Jared: I feel the same yeah, I think it will never be the same.
Jensen: Yeah, a new writer.

Part 7:
I believe before this they were talking about people naming their cars, and the girl said her car's name was 'Fralbert.'

Jared: Would you spell that for me?
Fan: Uh, F, R, A, L, B, E, R-
Jared: Oh, it's french!
J2: Fralbert..
Jared: Well done. [inaudible words]
Jensen: I don't think I name my cars, do you..
Jared: If I had a nickel for every time I heard the word "fralbert" I'd have 10 cents.
Jensen: Do you have a name for your..? [referring to your car]
Jared: I don't.
Jensen: Yeah, I think that's..
Jared: You know what, I..
Jensen: Do you people..? [name your cars] It's girls names? Yeah.
Jared: What's the impala's name?
*people say different things*
Jared: What would it be called if you could like name it? That's like, that's like..
*people yell again*
Jensen: Chrysanthemum.
Jared: [something]
Jensen: All right, all right..
Fan: I'm here to support you guys.
Jensen: Niiice.
Jared: [something]
Fan: What?
Jared: Sorry, sorry
Fan: In the episode Good God Ya'll, hum, Jared or Jensen, either one of you can answer this question..
Jared: Jensen will answer..
Jensen: From what episode?
Fan: Good God Ya'll.
Jensen: Oh, yeah.
Fan: In the scene where Dean had to give up his amulet to Castiel, Jared, what do you think was going through Sam's mind, considering it's personal values to both of them? [something else]
Jared: Well Sam gave it to Dean. Sam was going to give it to Dad, but he gave it to Dean. Sam sort of didn't realize what kind of [?] it had. Because Castiel says it's to find God, or it gets hot around God, right? It burns around the presence of god. I think Sam didn't have any idea what powers it had. I think he was kind of astonished.. and surprised that Castiel was going to try and find God. Like, 'what do you mean?!'
Fan: Thank you so much.
Boys: Thank you.
Fan: Hiiiiii.
Boys: Hiiiiii!
Jared: What's your cars name?
Fan: You asked me and I forgot. Just kidding, it's Willy!
Jared: I bet it's not Fralbert.
Jensen: Willy?
Jared: Willy! See that's a good ol'..
Fan: My name's Jill so it's Jilly's willy.
Jensen: Jilly's willy.. *laughter* now I know you guys name a few things, but.. nothing, nevermind.
Jared: Has Fralbert seen Jilly's willy?!
[inaudible words]
Jensen: I have so many comments in my head right now uh, what's your question?
Fan: Uhm, I know you guys eat, like Jensen you eat bacon cheeseburgers all the time, and you eat salads all the time, Jared. I wondered if you guys really eat like that, or..?
Jensen: Complete opposite in real life. Actually.. no, not completely,
Jared: Yeah but you don't eat super healthy.. you make smart decisions but you're not like a salad..
Jensen: Uh.. he eats like a racehorse. Which is funny because he never eats on the show. Uhm, I tend to be a little more.. you know, well I just don't eat quite as much, maybe just [?]. But Dean definitely has a worst diet than Jensen.
Jared: Sam has a better diet.
Fan: Thank you!
Jared: (to the girl asking the next question) What's your car's name, I gotta know.
Fan: I don't have a name for my car, I know it's a he, but I haven't named him.
Jared: Oh, so you know, so you haven't taken him home from the hospital yet? [more inaudible words]
Fan: Oh I'm from Ireland so we don't really name our cars..
[Jared says something back]
Fan: Jared, I just want to say congratulations on your marriage.
Jared: Thank you! *everyone claps*
Fan: Before I came here, I was down in Vegas having a little trip for myself, and the hotel had a [something] dedicated to Criss Angel's Mind Freak show, and every time I walked by I laughed, because all that went through my head was..
Jensen: Criss Angel is a Douche Bag.
Fan: You don't realize how small things have such an impact, like purple nurples is now a hugely popular drink. Do you realize the huge impact the small things on the show have?
Jensen: Uhm, I'm surprised from what sticks. You know, like certain things, like purple nurples, like really, that stuck? Uhm,
Jared: *laughing* Puddinngg! DO IT! Do itt!
Jensen: Uh yeah, it is, it is quite entertaining to see what sticks and what doesn't.
Jared: I've had, he was probably about 17 or 18 years old, and see me and go.. 'BITCH! Supernatural? Yeah sure BITCH!' Oh, okay, so.. that little stuff from season one or season two.. I was like, wow.. and then I caught on-
Jensen: Ow, offensive!
Jared: Yeah, I know!
Fan: Thank you very much
Jensen: Thank you.
Jared: Guinness is a good name if you're Irish.. Nevermind.. DEAN! [more confusing inaudible words ahhaha] What's your name?!
Jensen: He's here all night, ladies and gentlemen.
Jared: What is it?! Anne? We'll have a name for you by the end of the night... that's my thinking leg.
Jensen: Oh, I don't think so..

Part 8:
Jensen: Hello!
Fan: Hey, I hope you guys are having a good time, so,
Jared: We are.
Fan: Okay, cool.
Jared: I hope you are!
Fan: I am!
Jared: Good.
Fan: I have a two-parter, and I think the second part you'll all appreciate, firstly, I.. no, don't get too worried! Uh, season one is my favorite season, so I was wondering what season is your favorite and maybe more specifically your episode? And secondly can you guys do blue steel for us?
Jensen: Oh, you guys walked right into that one.
Jared: You might see it when you least expect it. I have to say, my favorites were..
Jensen: [?]
Jared: I really like.. I really like four, I love five, I'm having a lot of fun with five. And I do have to say, if I had to choose between four and five, I'd go with five, especially now that I know how it ends, and you don't. But, uh.. but, uhm, four was a fun part for.. from where four started to where four ended was an enormous kind of jump and leap of faith, uhm.. and five's been a lot of fun to shoot. Like, the Real Ghostbusters, and [?] and we did Changing Channels.. and still kind of make it intense. And, so yeah, I'd say the last one.
Jensen: Yeah, like, I would say, I would literally say between one and five. Because no, between those two! Uhm, because one was the genesis of the show and it was like us really trying to find our legs and us trying to get a grasp on our characters and kind of learning together. Between the crew and directors and the writers and actors, everyone was kind of coming together and trying to find that, that key ingredient which, you know, luckily we found. To have a successful show, I think that the enthusiasm and the energy and the anticipation of what could be season one made it really cool. And I liked, I liked that formula we had in season one, where we went off and we saved the family and killed the bad, you know, killed the evil and we were kind of the heroes and drove off into the night. I liked that. It's kind of what I signed up to do. But, with that said, now we've seen the guys grow from season one all the way to season five, and I like season five so much because I feel like we've grown so much. And now it's like we're that much more in tuned with these characters. And the story lines, and the writers are that much more in tuned with the characters, and the story lines, so everything's a little more crisper, a little better, a little more well-oiled as a machine. I think between those two..
Fan: Awesome, thanks.
Jared: What's your favorite year?
Fan: Well season one, because I like the whole like film aspect but I actually really really like season five, so.. [inaudible words] So, no blue steel or..?
*people cat call and yell*
Jared: I just heard a 'Dang, I missed it!'
Jensen: Now's the time to shoot.. not for another two years.
Fan: Uh, this question is for Jared.
Jared: Ahh.. good girl. It sounds smart.
Fan: It's about Friday the 13th.
Jared: Okay.
Fan: In the genre of, in the sub-genre of slasher, they have the final girl,
Jared: I'm confused.
Fan: In slasher films, usually, there's a final girl that-
Jared: In the sub-genre of.. [?]
Jensen: She lost me at 'I have a question for Jared.'
Fan: Uhm, I was just wondering, considering that Friday the 13th is kind of different from that, it kind of switches that up a bit, was that something that appealed to you when you first read the script?
Jared: Yeah, I mean, I didn't want to do, my big deal is that I didn't want to do another remake where I die. I'd already done two. For those who've seen House of Wax and Flight of the Phoenix, spoiler alert.. but they're remakes and I die! So.. and they're was actually a rewrite during Friday the 13th where I was going to die, and I was like 'NOPE, NOPE, that's not going to happen, I'm not dying!' And they're like well [?] 'it's kind of scarier..' and I'm like 'Nope, it's scary enough with me not dying!'. Yeah, but I want to be a hero that lived through the night. I've died in Supernatural, I've died in House of Wax, I've died in Flight of the Phoenix… I've only lived on Gilmore Girls. And Friday the 13th! Thank you.
Jensen: Glad I could help.
Jared: Thanks, Jensen.
Fan: Hi, I'm Ava,
Jared: I'm Jared.
Fan: I wrote it down, because I knew..
Jared: You wrote down Jared or Ava?
Fan: Who's been your favorite villain, ghost, demon, or otherwise that your character has gone up against and why?
Jared:.. Does it have to be a villainghostdemon?
Fan: Or like a wendigo, or whatever..
Jared: Oh, yeah. Uh.. I think, uh.. going against Lucifer was pretty good.
Jensen: It's always good to go.. it's always good to go up against him, it is. Because ..no, it's true, because we know.. especially during fighting scenes because we know each other so well, you know.. I won't give anything away but the other day we had a little bit of a tussle. But..
Jensen: And, my, uh, left eye was closed, and I couldn't see his right hand punching me. But I knew, I, he even helped me, without saying, that he was going to lead with his right shoulder to indicate that the punch was coming and that's why I reacted accordingly. And if I was doing that with a guest star, that would have never occurred to them, so I think there's little things that, going up against him especially in the fight scenes, it's just..
Jared: You're not playing guess when someone..
Jensen: It's that much simpler because we know how, we both are on the same level of doing that type of scene.
Jared: You know, I want to re.. I want to re-answer my question too. That or, and not to play favorites.. that or, Ruby. Because it was such an intense level of manipulation. You know because she had me thinking, I think she had everybody thinking that she was good..
*everyone goes 'no!'*
Jared: REALLY NOBODY? Well when she like saved him.. I totally thought, I was like 'oh okay like I guess..' I really was, I didn't know Kripke..
Jensen: SUCKKERRRR… she's pretty.. I'm gonna marry that!
Jared: What, no, no! That didn't happen at all.. I think, maybe that's what it was.
Jensen: I think a standalone one for me was Todd Stashwick, from uh, Monster Movie, he played Dracula. It was so hard to keep a straight face with that guy.. there he is look at that! *points to Todd's picture that just appeared on the wall* Did that just happen, or..? Are you guys THAT prepared?! Uhm, and he.. because I don't know, he was so good in that role, it was so hard to keep a straight face and.. but it was fun to play opposite him because it was something.. it was a character, it wasn't like a demon, it was just like angry. It was just this 'GOOD EVENING.' And it was so much fun. And.. I don't know if I've told this story before but when I was strapped up onto the wood table, I was dressed in lederhosen,
Jared: [inaudible words]
Jensen: This is one of my favorite quotes of all time, and he comes up and he's head to toe in his Dracula outfit, and I'm in lederhosen, he walks up and he looks at me, and he goes, 'Hey Jensen. Just remember, we're grown men.' And then they yelled action. And I was like a basket case. Awesome.
Fan: Thank you!
Boys: Thank you.
Jensen: Hi.
Fan: Hi. My name is Vinny.
Jensen: Hi.
Jared: I'm Jared.
Fan: I actually have a question-
Jensen: Wait, what's your name?
Fan: Vinny.
Jensen: Vinny?
Fan: Yeah!
Jensen: And you drive a.. mini? VINNIE'S MINI! All day! I'm all day with you all!
Jared: He did the leg thing earlier!
Fan: My car's name is Rigby!
Jensen: RIGBY!
Fan: Eleanor Rigby.
Jensen: Oh okay, oh, alright I like that… *to Jared* It's not as good as Vinnie's Mini.. ahh, what's your question?

Part 9:
Fan: Oh, it's for Jared.
Jared: You know I love the name Eleanor Rigby.
[some inaudible words]
Jared: You also sound smart.
Fan: Oh.. not when you hear the question.
Jared: Ah, shoot.
Jensen: Obviously it's for Jared.
Fan: It's completely shallow, has nothing to do with your show..
Jared: OH GREAT, what would you like to know?!
Fan: It has nothing to do with the show or movie or anything, but I'm from Texas,
Jared: YEAH! He is too. WE KNOW HIM TOO.
Fan: Hair, very important. You know, we take hair seriously.
Jared: I know.
Jensen: I love where this is going..
Jared: WHERE'S CLIF?! WHERE'S CLIF?! CLIF, HIDE ME.. *pointing at Clif* HE DOESN'T LIKE HAIR! Deal with him!
Fan: Uhm, at another convention you talked about how you're kind of like.. what you dry your hair with and everything.
Jared: Uh huh. YOU WANT ME TO SAY IT IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE I accidentally said that.. I didn't say it to be shared!
Fan: [?] Uh, I just want to know.. what kind of blowdryer you use?
Jensen: DO TELL!
Jared: It doesn't.. just because I blow-dry my hair doesn't mean.. I know.. but it's a Vidal Sassoon 1500. And you put the little cap on to the end with the little twig thingies, and.. WHAT!? WHAT? HE'S JEALOUS.. HE'S JEALOUS.. I don't know [?] but I'll find out. I'll find out if you want. I'll do it, yeah I'll get it to you. Yeah, Jensen does blow-dry his hair. *Jensen comes out with lei* WHAT DO YOU USE?
Jensen: WELL I DON'T BLOW-DRY MY HAIR PER SE.. BUT WHAT I DO DO.. IS I WEAR [?].. oh gosh.. a Vidal Sassoon?
Jared: What?
Jensen: What?
Jared: I've never heard of anything like that.
Jensen: You know, luckily, I'm going to get, I'm gonna get this rainbow thing off the stage.. uh, I've been saying that there is a very very good hairdresser, her name is [?] and she takes care of both of us. And so it makes it very easy, we just sit down int he chair and read our script, and we look up 10 minutes later and it's like 'oh, thanks! Oh, [?]' But I couldn't tell you any machine or product that she uses or has because I'm not paying attention.
Jared: Makeup, however.. we don't know any.
Jensen: Yeah.
Fan: Thanks guys.
Boys: Yeah, thanks. Hi!
Fan: I didn't name my car but I named my bass guitar 'Dean.'
Jared: After Gilmore Girls, right? Good choice, good choice..
Jensen: Yeah that SCREAMS bass guitar..
Fan: Well, anyway, this is for both of you, but Jensen you can answer first because you're not feeling any love.
Jared: He gets the bass guitar AND the question now?!
Fan: Uh, what is your favorite cheesy pickup line?
Jensen: I'm gonna say we, I think we have the same one.. that is 'Excuse me.. does this rag smell like chloroform to you?'
[Jared says something to Jensen that's inaudible]
Jensen: Best pickup line.. EVER. WORKS EVERY TIME. Write that down.
Fan: Hi, guys.
Jared: Hi.
Fan: My question is for you, is for Jared..
Jared: My question is for you, EXCUSE ME.. DOES THIS RAG SMELL LIKE CHLOROFORM TO YOU? Yes, thank you I'm so sorry.
Fan: Okay. Over the holiday season I've had a chance to watch The Christmas Cottage,
Jared: Oh, cool.
Fan: And I was wondering if you could tell us about your experience sharing scenes with Peter O' Toole?
Jared: Oh, yeah. Yeah I get the pleasure of knowing I get to do a movie called Christmas Cottage where I get to work with Peter O' Toole, who's one of my idols, kind of growing up. And I loved [???]. So for me, it was a lot of fun. Uhm, but you know what I sort of realized was that when you're working with certain people, you want to sit there and go 'uhhh… uhhh.. why am I in a scene with this individual' but you really just treat them like another actor, another person. And they [lots and lots of inaudible words..] So it kinda helps just to think of them as another artist that you're creating art with. Otherwise, you're gonna be so nervous that you won't do your best work and they're not gonna do their best work because they're responding to you. So you really just have to go in with a lot of confidence and be.. you gotta do what you can. Thank you!
Fan: Hi guys! Hi Jared,
Jared: Hiii!
Fan: I love your shirt.
Jared: Thank you!.. what do you think of my hair?
Fan: Love it, love it. Both. Uhm, my question's for both of you. What's like the worst advice you've ever gotten? Like, you know, clothes or anything like that. For me, someone said I should go blonde. NOT a good idea. What's the worst advice you've ever gotten?
Jared: Uh..
Jensen: Don't.. don't blurt it out! Uh, yeah.. I don't think that guys get that kind of advice?
Fan: I meant in general.
Jensen: Right.. you know, I don't look at him and go, 'yeah, you should wear that black shirt!' uhm.. or did I?
Jared: Someone told me to invest in enron.
Jensen: They did what?
Jared: Someone told me to invest in enron.
Jensen: Uhhh…
Jared: My brother told me when I got out of high school that I should buy a PC, and I did and I wasted a couple years of my life, by using a PC instead of a Mac… bad enough?
Fan: Yeah!
Jensen: You know what's funny is I don't remember the bad advice. I just remember the good advice.
Jared: He's been talking to a psycho therapist.
Jensen: I've learned that.
Jared: Thank you.
Fan: Thank you guys.
Jensen: YOU SHOULD GO BLONDE.. I'm just kidding. GO BLONDE GO BLONDE.. Yeahh what up?
Fan: [..] my pickup line?
Jensen: So I need to ask you?.. what? WHAT'S THE WORST ADVICE SOMEBODY GAVE YOU?
Fan: Well obviously [?] my hair color, so..
Jensen: I'm actually digging it.
Fan: Thank you.
Jensen: Yeahhh. I think you all should go pink…
Fan: I just want to say that my favorite pickup line-
Jensen: Except for the few guys in here.. your favorite pickup line?
Fan: My favorite pickup line was actually 'does this rag smell like chloroform?' and everyone that's been talking to me this weekend knows I've been dying to say that-
Jared: No way!
Jensen: So, did we totally steal your thunder?
Fan: Yeah, but it's okay because you look pretty.
Jared: It's good to know we can steal a pickup line as long as-
Jensen: As long as you look pretty.
Jared: Cool!
Fan: That was mine for you.
Jensen: It should be.
Fan: I know!
Jared: What's your new pickup line?
Jensen: Yeah what was number two?
Fan: My second pickup line? 'I forgot my number can I have yours?'
Jensen: Yeah that actually might work.

Part 10:
Jensen: But only if they're really dumb. But I'd say the chloroform one would..
Fan: The line might work on Jared then.
*everyone screams*
Jared: THANK YOU! YOU'RE SMART! You're smart for thinking I'm.. smart..
Fan: My real question, my real question was,
Jensen: Yes.
Fan: Do you guys enjoy making fun of other movies that you've been in in the show? Like, you make references to.. c'mon, My Bloody Valentine was the name of an episode, and there's a Gilmore Girls reference..
Jensen: Oh yeah, I did a movie called that!
Jared: You did a movie called..? What was it called?!
Fan: And there's a House of Wax reference and everything.
Jensen: Yeah, it's not, you know, I kind of, at first I was a little like ehhh poking fun at pop culture but I think Kripke does it in a way that it works. And it's funny, and you can have fun with it, so.. I like it. I like being able to poke at pop culture and also being able to poke fun at ourselves.
Jared: Yeah, without losing the reality to the show. Other than the absolute realness of it..
Jared: Yeah, we'll make jokes all the time,
Jared: Yeah, we have continuity supervisors, so say I pass out on the ground, and my arm is like this. And when we're doing the next scene, my arm is like this, and they're like you have to have your arm out on the ground again.
Jensen: They're never gonna believe… I'm like really?!
Jared: And meanwhile.. there is like a phantom right there with some demons and my arm can't be like this? In Supernatural I understand this man and the horseman and all the rings, and chopping War's finger off, but
Jensen: What I can't understand is how Sam's arm was able to move.. when he was passed out..
Jared: Oh, they're gonna think he wasn't actually passed out.
Boys: Thank you.
Woman: We have time for one more question.
Everyone: NOOO..
Jared: Make it good then. No pressure, but it better be good. But no pressure but it really needs to be good.
Fan: I do have a question each, but they're very short ones.
Jensen: A question each, alright let's hit it.
Fan: Jensen, was it ever suggested that your dad play old Dean? Because I would have payed good money to see that.
Jensen: Was it ever suggested that my real father play older Dean?
Fan: Because that would've been comedy gold.
Jensen: You know, it was talked about, it was talked about and  I don't know if it was talked about to the right people because at the time that discussion came up, they were already done casting. Which.. and I thought Chad Everett did an awesome job. But, no I'm still not totally convinced there's not a place somewhere in there for my dad. We'll see, I don't know. We'll see. [?]
Jared: They also wanted old Dean to be older than your Dad.
Jensen: Yeah, they did, they wanted him,
Jared: I think Chad's like 15 years older than your Dad..
Jensen: Yeah, yeah. So that was another thing too.
Fan: I'm sure your dad would be impressed if he wasn't old enough.
Jensen: Yeah, he didn't seem to mind about that.
Fan: And Jared, with your love of candy,
Jared: All right, THAT'S NOT A QUESTION! Cool, see you later, thanks, bye..
Fan: If you were cast as a character of one of the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which one would you be? I think Jensen would be Augustus Gloop.
Jared: I want to be him, aw..
Fan: When I was talking to a friend about what question I was going to ask, and Jared as an oompa loompa would be absolutely hilarious. All these short guys would come in and there's this huge.. [cuts off sorry! =[]
Jared: No, I mean, I would do that. Or I want to be that one that..
Fan: My friend's thinking that you would be Violet Beauregarde.
Jared: Is that the one that floats away? Who floats away?! YEAH. Violet Beauregarde! The dude version of Violet Beauregarde.. [Soflower?] Beauregarde..

Part 11:
Jensen: Next up is Mark's panel..
Jensen: Yeah, he's a very good guy.. we're big fans of his, BUT DON'T TELL HIM THAT.. Thanks, guys.
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